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           Jamie Harvey is a senior at North Carolina State University studying Fashion and Textile Design. With a concentration in Textile Design, she has studied Print, Woven, and Knit Design at NC State and Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence, Italy, where she also gained knowledge in Interior Design and Photography.

           Along with her classes, she has interned with two major textile companies during her college career. She started with Prospect Brands, specifically working on the brands Duck Head and Gyde Supply Co. creating repeatable patterns for prints and wovens, while also helping with tech packs and graphics. Her next intern experience was for Kohl's Corporate on the Soft Home Design team where she worked specifically on seasonal table linens and pillows. 

           She often draws inspiration from her travels, while keeping up with the latest technology and market trends. Her affinity for math and science, while also being highly creative, is what sets her apart. She easily adapts to the requirements of a project and understands that the customer comes first. With her wide variety of experience, she believes it is important to customize her design style to create the perfect combination of innovation and marketability.  

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